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Little Vienna on the Prut or Chernivtsi sketches


19.06.2019 Add to calendar




Kyiv Academic Theater Koleso

Austrian Cultural Forum Kyiv

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Poetic performance by Karl Menrad & vienna clarinet connection at AndriyivskyFest.

It is a musical recollections of Chernivtsi city and Bukovina.

It is a recollection of the time  when four languages were spokenin this city, in everyday life as well as in art.

It is a recollection on the music of Alexander Kukelka and texts by poets of this and about this city and Bukovina.


Composer: Alexander Kukelka

Texts by Rose Auslaender, Paul Celan, Karl Emil Franzos and others.

Concept & Text Selection: Alexander Kukelka

A coproduction of vienna clarinet connection & Neues Wiener MusikTheater