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EKSTER Artist Residence Program


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Vienna, Linz, Graz


Ukrainian Institute

Ars Electronica


< rotor >

Verein K

EKSTER is a long-term program for international residencies in the field of contemporary art for Ukrainian artists, curators and art critics, developed by the Ukrainian Institute. For each participant, an individual program is planned based on their professional needs, local characteristics and institutional context.

As part of the bilateral cultural year, four out of eight residences of the first course Ekster-2019 will be held in Austria. These are Ars Electronica (Linz), Curators’ Agenda 2019 (Vienna), <rotor> (Graz) and Visiting Curators Vienna 2019 (Vienna).

The program is named after the Ukrainian artist Olexandra Ekster (1882-1949) – a symbolic representative of the world avant-garde, who lived most of her life in Kiev. A refined intellectual who spoke several European languages, she travelled around the world communicating with the most prominent artists of her time. By doing so, she bridged the gap between the world of Ukrainian avant-garde and the modern art of Western Europe. The name of Ekster, in whose honor the program was named, reflects the desire of the Ukrainian Institute to maintain international contacts in the field of contemporary art as well as to promote the mobility and professional development of artists, curators and managers.