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Reading with Karl-Markus Gauss


26.09.2019 Add to calendar


05. international literature festival odessa

Austrian Cultural Forum Kyiv

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"Dogeaters and Other People" is a story of those living below the poverty line in Roma settlements in the Slovak city of Kosice. The book focuses on the ghetto district of Lumik IX, where Romas were forcefully settled in the 1980s, and the Roma slums in the village of Svinia.

Karl Markus Gauss is immersed in the life of the Roma. He  tries to taste, smell and touch it. He communicates with the inhabitants of the Roma settlement, he breathes the atmosphere of a different life. The author explains some of the features of the Roma identity and the rules that operate within a community closed off from the outside world. How is it possible that the Roma settlements are so dirty whilst their homes are perfectly clean? Why are Roma not given knives during their lunch time at school? Who is “Gadjo”? What is the caste system, and why do those who call themselves Roma not interact with the Roma they label “dogeaters”?

Reading will take place within the framework of the International literature festival Odesa 2019.