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Austrian Ideas at The Ideas Festival






The Aspen Institute Kyiv

Impact Hub Odessa

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The Ideas Festival is an open forum for leaders who create a new Ukraine. Already for the third time, the festival is gathering in Odessa leaders from different areas to unite the efforts of thinkers, academicians, leaders of businesses, media, artistic associations, charities and local authorities to exchange ideas and find ways to turn the best of them into practical action.

Ukrainian society in the context of global trends – is the focus of the Ideas Festival 2019.



Three days and more than 100 events are offered across six main topics that cover issues and ideas on different spheres, as well as vision of the future of Ukraine. More than 100 speakers from the Ukraine, Canada, Austria, Poland and other countries will take part in the festival. They will exchange ideas in such areas as economics, science, media, education, medicine, administration, culture and creative industries.

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On August 24-26 share your ideas and views, be inspired and find like-minded people and partners.

Our ideas are our future!



Austrian ideas will be presented by Martin Hollinetz and Karin Markvica. They will participate as speakers in podium discussions and workshops.


Martin Hollinetz

August 25 – 11:00, Impact Hub Odessa, Kyoto 

Martin Hollinetz is a social and vocational educator and regional developer. In 2010, he was the initiator of the network of open technology laboratories Otelo“. The purpose of this poject was to create spaces in rural areas where it is challenging to to push through innovations and where creative people can meet and exchange ideas.


Since 2013 Matrin Hollinetz is Ashoka fellow. “Ashoka” identifies and supports the world’s leading social entrepreneurs, learns from the patterns in their innovations, and mobilizes a global community that embraces these new frameworks to build an “everyone a changemaker world.”


Martin Hollinetz gives lectures on innovation culture, cooperative economics, digitization and potential development and advises regions on development processes.


Karin Markvica

August 25 – 12:00, Impact Hub Odessa, Kyoto 

Karin Markvica studied spatial planning (Vienna University of Technology) and geography (University of Vienna). After a few years in the private sector, she joined the Center for Mobility Systems of the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology as a research associate. Here she deals with mobility behavior research, personal factors of mobility and traffic planning issues.


At Ideas Festival in Odessa, Karin Markvica will present insights from the Smart City project “SMARTER TOGETHER” and address several aspects of future-oriented urban planning in Vienna, Munich and Lyon. She will give a general overview of the research project, the activities carried out, co-creation initiatives and their evaluation are just as much a part of the session, as replication possibilities in other cities and the related exchange with Follower Cities and Observer Cities.