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Austrian jazzman Thomas Gansch – on the most famous classical music stage in Ukraine






Austrian Cultural Forum Kyiv

National Philharmonic of Ukraine

National Presidential Orchestra of Ukraine

Radisson Blu Hotel, Kyiv, Podil

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For the first time in Ukraine, the Presidential Orchestra of Ukraine and the incredible, charismatic, extraordinary, unique trumpeter-virtuoso, leader of the world-famous band "MNOZIL BRASS" Tomas Gansch from Austria will perform on the most prestigious classical music stage of Ukraine.

Together, they will synthesize two artistic worlds – classical music and jazz on the stage of the National Philharmonic of Ukraine. At the concert you will hear the works of contemporary Austrian composers Thomas Doss and Franz Cibulka, as well as a work by Thomas Gansch.


Thomas Gansch studied trumpet playing in Vienna and in 1992 founded the septet “MNOZIL BRASS“. The septet performs classical and jazz music and sometimes plays very original instruments, such as on a customized rotary valved trumpet and bass trumpet. The music played by the septet is permeated with typical Austrian humor.


Thomas Gansch plays an unusual-looking, self-made trumpet, which is popularly called the “Gansch Horn”.



Photo 1 – Thomas Gansch

Photo 2 – National Presidential Orchestra of Ukraine