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Museum of Theater, Music and Cinema of Ukraine

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Vera Faber (PhD) studied Slavic studies and design and obtained her PhD at the University of Vienna. She teaches art and literature at several universities. Her research interests include literary and artistic avant-gardes in Russia and Ukraine, graphics, photography, design, intertextuality, intermediality, art and literary theory, and the interrelations between art and power in totalitarianism.

On October 11 at 16:00, she will give a lecture on “Multilingualism and Transculturalism in the Works of the Ukrainian Avant-garde” and present her book “The Ukrainian Avant-Garde between East and West. Intertextuality, Intermediality and Polemics in Ukrainian Futurism and Constructivism of the Late 1920s”.


Moderation and commentary: Dmytro Horbachov.

The presentation and lecture will be held in Ukrainian.

We are inviting you to a cocktail-reception after the event, where you can have meet the author.


About the book


In the 1920s Kharkiv in Ukraine was an active avant-garde centre on the periphery. Spatially remote from the centres of power and timely positioned in the last phase of the avant-garde, its artistic practices of pan-futurism and constructive dynamism differed from the dominant artistic directions. In the late phase of avant-garde, for example, obsolete concepts of abstraction were combined with functionalist approaches. The formations Nova Generacija (1927-1931) and Avanhard (1925-1929), led by Mychajl ‘Semenko and Valerijan Poliščuk, interacted actively with the avant-garde in East and West. The book comprehensively analyses the polemical practices of isolation, distinction and localisation on the basis of program texts and literary and artistic works.


Top picture  – „Kosmos“, Oleksandr Bohomasow