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Austrian Short Films at KISFF




Austrian Cultural Forum Kyiv

8. Kyiv International Short Film Festival

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Freedom and independence, topicality and responsiveness, ability to bring the craziest artistic ideas to life are a few things that make short films so attractive. You won’t see all of that in refined and processed though all levels of business production films listed in schedules of movie theaters.

This year the Austrian festival programme will feature:


19 April, 17:40, cinema “Kyiv”


  • 60 Elephants. Episodes of a Theory (directed by Sasha Pirker)
  • Everything’s coming together while everything’s falling apart: The ZAD (directed by Oliver Ressler)


April 20, 15:00, cinema “Kyiv”


  • Late Season(directed by Daniela Leitner)


April 20, 21:40, cinema “Kyiv”


  • Stick Climbing (directed by Daniel Zimmermann)


April 21, 15:00, cinema “Kyiv”


  • A perfect we, a perfect you (directed by- Dina Bukva)


This is not all! Come to the event Meet a Festival on the 20th of April at 13:30, where the executive director of the Vienna Short Film Festival Doris Bauer will tell about the peculiarities of the Austrian film industry and will be happy to answer the questions!