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Austrian writer Rhea Krcmárová at the Book Arsenal




Mystetskyi Arsenal

Austrian Cultural Forum Kyiv

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Rhea Krcmárová is a Viennese author and text artist with Prague roots. Her story book “Böhmen ist der Ozean” was published in 2018 and deals with the dividing line between Austria and the former CSSR.

The author experienced herself the consequences of this division – emigration, attempts to return, language loss and search for identity –  as she emigrated from the CSSR to Austria with her family. Rhea looks at the developments in Bohemia and Moravia after the year 89 from the perspective of someone who flows back and forth between cultures, looking at the wounds of communism and the attempts at reorientation and re-growing.

The individual stories are connected by the water, and its inhabitants, the Rusalkas and Aquarians – but also old Slavic gods and mythical figures – form the poetic-literary framework for immersion into the recent history.


25th May

4:00 – 14:45. Outdoor stage – Presentation of the story book “Böhmen ist der Ozean” and conversation with the translator Roksolana Sviato

26th May 

4:00 – 14:45. Cinema hall – Reading-performance