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CINCO Book Presentation | SCREEN PRINT EXHIBITION | Live Painting

Calle Libre, a culture and art association from Vienna, is organizing an exhibition project in Kiew in September 2019. The goal is to connect fine artists coming from street & urban art with institutions of mutual art forms.

For the first time ever, Calle Libre will present a part of its collection and limited edition art prints in Eastern Europe. The prints will mainly consist of small/middle format silkscreen prints.

Furthermore, the exhibition will include the presentation of the book publication “Cinco – five years of Urban Art in Vienna”. Through the book, the visitors will be able to get a detailed impression of Austria’s street & urban art scene, Vienna’s artists, institutions, players, curators, gallerists and collectives.

Accompanying the exhibition, the Austrian artist ARTIS.LOVE will collaborate with Ukrania’s own VITALY AGAPEYEV and design an openly accessible wall.




IZONE Creative Community

Screen Print Exhibition by LEAP ART PRINTS

Book Presentation by Calle Libre – Festival for urban Aesthetics

Artist Talk with ARTIS.LOVE



IZONE Creative Community

Screen Print Exhibition by LEAP ART PRINTS

Live Painting by ARTIS.LOVE

19:00 Meet & Greet with Curator Jakob Kattner