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Concert tour of the Austro-Ukrainian duo in Ukraine




Austrian Cultural Forum Kyiv

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The duo of the Austrian cellist Meinhard Holler and Ukrainian pianist Yuri Kot, who have been working together for years, is planning a concert tour in Ukraine in autumn. Together they play the works of Ludwig van Beethoven, Ivan Eröd and Edvard Grieg.



has played music since he was four. Meinhard Holler has played at different concerts and tours through France, Great Britain, Germany, Austria, Ukraine, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia… The musician teaches cello in Munich and his students regularly have successe at different musical competitions. Meinhard Holler has already written extensive educational literature about his instrument. Since 2001 he leads colluvio, chamber music courses for music students followed by an international concert tour. See




has performed recitals and play with the famous orchestras of Ukraine, Russia, Germany, Japan, Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, USA and others. In 1995 was awarded by title “Merited Artist of Ukraine”. Yuri Kot often plays as soloist and a member of chamber ensembles (piano duo, piano trio and many other).



Meinhard Holler and Yuri Kot will play on:


October 30, 18.00 – Bila Cerkva

Church of St. John the Baptist, Cathedral Square 4.


October 31, 18.00 – Nizhyn

Hall of the School of Music of the city, vul. Vozdvizhensjka 9 A.

Tickets – under the link.


November 1, 19.00 – Kyiv

Concert in Kyiv House of Scientists, Vul.Volodymyrska, 45a

Tickets – under the link.


November 2, 18.00 – Chernihiv

Philharmonic of the city of Chernihiv, Prospekt Myru, 15.

Tickets – under the link.


November 3, 16.00 – Chernihiv region

Ripky School of Arts

Chernihiv Region, Ripky dstrict, Ripky, vul. Sviatomykolaivska, 156A




Ludwig van Beethoven: Sonata op. 5, No. 2 in g minor for piano and cello, 1. Adagio sostenuto e espressivo – Allegro molto piú tosto presto, 2nd Rondo (Allegro)


Ivan Eröd Sonata for bassoon (or cello) and piano, Sonata milanese, op. 47, Allegro molto – Andante tranquillo – Lento, molto gusto e Presto


Edvard Grieg: Sonata for Violoncello and Piano in A Minor, op. 36 Allegro agitato – Andante molto tranquillo – Allegro