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International master classes and festival of acousmatic music






Ukrainian Institute

The Acousmatic Project

International master classes for composers and concerts of acousmatic music during the Sounds Around Me festival, are a joint project of the Ukrainian Institute and The Acousmatic Project. The project involves leading experts from Ukraine (Alla Zahaikevych), Austria (Thomas Gorbach), and others.

Five composers from Ukraine, five from Austria, and ten composers from other countries will be selected to participate in master classes based on the independent selection process.
The results of forty hours of master classes and six hours of public lectures will be presented as two concerts of acousmatic music during the annual international festival Sounds Around Me.
The project is intended to foster systematic professional exchange between the music schools of Ukraine, Austria and other European countries, facilitate mutual exchange of professional experience between European and Ukrainian musical milieus, establish new contacts between young composers from Ukraine and European countries, and present the music of young Ukrainian composers on the modern electroacoustic scene of Vienna.

See detailed programme of the concerts at: