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Photo exhibition by Serhii Akhremenko




Austrian Honorary Consulate in Chernivtsi

Land of Carinthia

Photo exhibition by Serhii Akhremenko

As part of the XXX. European People’s Congress of the State of Carinthia is hosting an exhibition of the photo artist Serhii Akhremenko from Chernivtsi in the main building of the Carinthian State Government. The photos show the professional work of the artist through the selection of motives and their technical implementation. The basis of this project is the regional cooperation between Carinthia and Chernivtsi and the bilateral Year of Culture Austria-Ukraine 2019. Art and culture can be regarded as cornerstones in modern society and also reflect the socio-political development of the region. Active exchange in the field of photographic art has already existed for the last years between the two regions.