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Photo exhibition “The Unknown Europeans” by Kurt Kaindl






Austrian Library Drohobych

Photo exhibition "The Unknown Europeans" by Kurt Kaindl during the Salzburg days in Drohobytsch

Photographs of the Sephards, Gottscheers, Arbëreschë, Sorbs, Aromanians and Degesi.

Photographer Kurt Kaindl and writer Karl-Markus Gauß have spent several years exploring Europe together. In the course of their travels, they have visited some of the smallest ethnic groups in Europe, many of whom continue to struggle for national survival today. This exposition shows the peoples they visited from 1999 to 2003. In the course of the on-going exploratory project, the two authors have produced several publications on their travels.

Kaindl is approaching these unknown Europeans – with curiosity and respect. The black and white photographs included in the exhibition, show bizarre landscapes, demolished cemeteries, small towns, and above all people who open themselves to the world.