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Reading of the novel Im Verborgenen with Ljuba Arnautovic






Center for German Culture “Widerstrahl”

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Reading of the novel “Im Verborgenen” with Ljuba Arnautović

In her debut Ljuba Arnautović writes about a woman whose quiet heroism remains unrecognized, but whose persistent commitment to the right thing ultimately bears fruit.

Genofeeva works in the office of the Oberkirchenrat in Vienna. It is the year 1944. No one suspects that she hides people in her flat for months. No one knows about their political past, which could put them in the greatest danger.

She has to hide her pain and loneliness: both sons have been in the USSR for years and her contact with them is broken. Her husband moved to Australia long ago and lives a diffrent life.

One day, Genofeeva, who calls herself Aunt Eva, meets Walter. He also has to flee to her hide place. The two lost souls get closer.

The language of the event is German.