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Schubert, Lyatoshynsky, Kühr.






Ukrainian Institute

The ORF Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra

ORF RadioKulturhaus

A concert of the Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra featuring a Ukrainian soloist

The concert program of the Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra features the works of prominent Ukrainian and Austrian composers: Borys Lyatoshynsky (Symphony No. 3 in the first version), Franz Schubert (Seventh “Unfinished” Symphony) and Gerd Kühr (“Movimenti” for violin and orchestra ). Conductor – Duncan Ward (UK), soloist – Andriy Pavlov (violin, soloist of the National Orchestra “Kievan Camerata”).

The performance of the symphony of an outstanding Ukrainian composer by one of the most renowned orchestras in Austria and the participation of the leading Ukrainian violinist as a soloist in one concert are an important milestone for Ukrainian composer and performer schools, whose works were actively censored the 19th and 20th centuries as well as a strong factor for implementation of Ukrainian music in the worldwide context.

The concert will be broadcast by the Austrian Public Broadcasting Corporation (ORF) and recorded to be later released on a CD.