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Siedl/Cao at Construction festival VI






Austrian Cultural Forum Kyiv

Construction Festival

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Hanoi traffic noise, clarinet, Vietnamese hubble bubble smoking pipe, daxophone, air pump, servo motors, precompressed spring, modular synthesizer, crackers, text-to-speech, marxophone, plastic plants, gaffer tape, infusion bags… are their sound sources for diverse works and performances for sites such as opera house, bowling alley, theatre, living room, university auditorium, vinyl shop, gallery, etc. Duo works of Cao Thanh Lan and Gregor Siedl have been featured at international festivals and concert venues around the world.

Siedl/Cao is a group of composers-performers and sound artists. They work in the field of contemporary electronic and instrumental music, music theatre and sound art. They are Cao Thanh Lan from Vietnam and Gregor Siedl from Austria. Siedl/Cao is one of 5 groups from Austria that received the award New Austrian Sound of Music 2018-2019 in the category Contemporary Music.

Their works have always focused on the physical experience of sound and the inherent link between visual and audio elements.

On the Construction festival VI Siedl/Cao will hold a workshop “Is it music or art?” on June 6 at 16:00 at the College of Culture and Arts and will present a musical performance on June 7 at 20:30 at Ambient Garden.