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“Sister lay your wings on” (anthology of Ukrainian authors in German)




Львівський національний університет ім. І.Франка

“Сестро… Сестро… Жіночі голоси з України” (німецькомовна антологія українських авторок, під редакцією Алли Паславської, Гільдеґард Кайнцбауер, Алоїса Волдана)

The anthology familiarizes the readers with the most famous literary women’s voices from Ukraine. It tells touching and tragic, funny and serious, but always very interesting stories of Ukrainian authors – poets and writers, from the first Ukrainian feminists to authors who profess no-one, who write and write – about themselves, their lives, their thoughts, their fears, their desires and their hopes, about their many real and imaginary worlds in which they live, creating and hiding from other people. The presentation of the anthology will take place on 10. Mai; 14. Mai; 9/10. July; 18.-22. September.