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“Sound of the City”. Airborne Extended






Austrian Cultural Forum Kyiv

Festival Bouquet Kyiv Stage


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„airborne" adj. [med., aviation, military] transmitted, transported by the air, fly

Airborne Extended are extraordinary and unusual. Their tonal combinations are delicate and sensitive. The band seeks to deprive traditional instruments of their bourgeois image and play them in a modern way. Their repertoire consists predominantly of already well-known works, including the ones from such composers as Bernhard Lang, Alexander Kaiser and Wolfgang Mitterer.


Elena Gabbrielli – flutes
Sonja Leipold – harpsichord/keyboard
Caroline Mayrhofer – recorders/Paetzold
Tina Žerdin – harp



Bouquet Kyiv Stage is a Festival of High Art. The programme includes musical performances, visual art, cinematography, interactive programmes, theatrical excursions, discussions. The core of the festival is still music.


The entrance to the event is free. Requierd is an entrance ticket to the territory of the Sophia Kyivska.



Bernhard Lang: London in the rain „Monadologie XXIX”, (quartet+keyboard), 2013, 14´
Manuela Kerer: kaput II (quartet+midi-tape – instruments are packed in garbage bags), 2017, 5´
Maxim Kolomiiets, worldpremiere, quartet, 2019, 7´
Anna Arkushyna: uǝɯ-oʍ for 4 whistles, quartet with bird-sounds, 2013, 6´
Marina Poleukhina: my dear udockle, let´s jump to the forest, berry, 2012, 3 players of kitchen-tools, 8´
Anna Arkushyna: tes rêves verts, 2019, 7´
Ned McGowan: tools (quartet+effects – instruments and tool-sounds): Hexnut – Dual track Grinder – Hole Punch – Pneumatic Screed – Pneumatic Screed Extension Handle – Pneumatic Screed Extension Handle Cover – Stripped Hexnut, 2003, 6´