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The Presence of the Past in Urban Space





Students’ works, made within the collaborative ÖAD-supported project of Innsbruck Leopold-Franzens University and Chernivtsi Yuriy Fedkovych University, were presented on Tuesday, February, 26, in Chernivtsi. The project PREPUS – The Presence of the Past in Urban Space, an international joint universities project on cultural heritage in public space, took place in 2016-2018. It enabled the Ukrainian students and professors to exchange their various experiences with the state of Tirol, city of Innsbruck; whereas the Austrians got to know better Chernivtsi and its historical region, Bukowyna.

The combination of research and practice found their expression in form of scientific articles. The participants also enjoyed the supervision of highly qualified teachers from Innsbruck – Prof. Kurt Scharr and Professor Gunda Barth-Scalmani, as well as perfectly designed and implemented residential programs, and project events, conducted at the highest scientific level,

The collection of 25 Ukrainian and Austrian authors was published in Ukrainian in Chernivtsi. The German version saw the light in Innsbruck.