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With View to the Sea




Austrian Cultural Forum Kyiv

Odessa Museum of Western and Oriental Art

Federal Chancellary of Austria

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The exhibition project With View to the Sea at the Museum of Western and Oriental Art in Odessa has a focus on Ukrainian artists living abroad, but also on Austrian artists who have already dealt with Ukrainian issues in their works.

Most of the represented artists are not based in the countries of their origin. This way of living seems to be characteristic of our time. What does it mean to be a Ukrainian artist abroad? What do they have to deal with, when they look back? How does one’s origin influence artistic work? And, what does it mean if a Non-Ukrainian artist is getting into Ukrainian reality?


Our approach is to follow the ambivalence of the conceptualities of the popular themes “house” and “roots”. We want to reflect the divergence between hospitality and closed societies, and to point out critical aspects that are related to it, such as nationalism, homeland or homelessness.


The exhibition is curated by Wolfgang Obermair and Anastasiya Yarovenko.


The exhibiting artists are: Anatoliy Babiychuk, Catrin Bolt, Anna Jermolaewa, Elena Kristofor, Ekaterina Shapiro-Obermair, Alina Sokolova, Anastasiya Yarovenko.


Opening performance: “Come into my house!” by Ursula Maria Probst.


The opening of the exhibition – August 16, 16:00, Museum of Western and Oriental Art.