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artistic collaborations provide sustainable incentives for further cooperation

Director of the Austrian Street Art Festival Calle Libre

Far from the conventional art institutions, street art is living its own life. This art form allows people from different backgrounds, speaking different languages, people of different ages or social status to communicate, understand each other, and cooperate.

As part of the project “Calle Libre goes to Kyiv”, there was a vernissage in Kyiv with the participation of the Austrian artist Sebastian Schager who presented the publication “CINCO” and a screen prints edition LEAP ART PRINTS.

While designing a mural within the public space of Kyiv, Sebastian Schager addressed the political situation in Ukraine and issues of European unity and peace. The artist deliberately took symbols from pop culture and placed them in an unusual context.

The artistic technique of “stencil” (stencil graffiti) was used to unite opposing motives and to create new meanings.

In this project, it was particularly important for us to combine the classic exhibition format with design in public space.

We were particularly pleased to be able to work with the Ukrainian artist Vitalyi Agapeyev.

The project has clearly shown that artistic collaborations are possible regardless of spatial distance and they provide sustainable incentives for further cooperation.