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Celebrating the cultural exchange between Austria and Ukraine

Director of the Austrian Cultural Forum Kyiv

This year Austria and Ukraine are celebrating a Bilateral Year of Culture which represents an important milestone in cultural exchange and cooperation between our countries.

Our goal is to use the existing creative potential and the historical connections of our countries to lay new foundations for a deeper cultural and scientific cooperation.  From an Austrian perspective, the presentation of contemporary Austrian art in Ukraine is a priority. But we also want to re-visit our common history and pay tribute to the rich cultural heritage of our countries. Last but not least we aim to implement projects in the field of creativity and innovation. In doing so, we dedicate this year not only to the past and the present but also to the future.
All our projects have one objective in common which is to create encounters, to connect people, to stimulate dialogue and hence to know each other better – as neighbours and Europeans.
With this website which was jointly developed by the Ukrainian Institute and the Austrian Cultural Forum Kyiv, we have created a common platform for events and projects that will take place in Austria and Ukraine throughout the year. It is an invitation for you to join us as we practice cultural exchange and celebrate the fascinating diversity of our countries.
My gratitude goes to the Ukrainian Institute and the Embassy of Ukraine to Austria as well as to festival organizers, curators, universities and enthusiastic individuals in both countries who contribute to the success of this important project.
I wish you many beautiful, inspiring moments of Ukrainian and Austrian culture, art and science throughout this year.