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Chernivtsi has been more than a name to me for many years

Austrian author

Chernivtsi has been more than a name to me for many years. Chernivtsi has stood for great poets whose writings have accompanied me through my life as a reader. Chernivtsi has also been a memorial to the Holocaust, expulsion and a lost world.

With a few colleagues I took a trip to the Jewish cemetery beyond the city, the taxi driver had to search for it a long time. High grass and scrub had overgrown everything there, but the memorial hall retains the memory.

I was very happy to receive an invitation from Evgenia Lopata and her team to the Meridian Chernivtsi Festival, and I came there with curiosity and anticipation. The friendly reception by the team exceeded all my expectations: friendly, attentive people around the festival turned my stay into a wonderful experience. Julia, a very friendly young student with perfect knowledge of German, took her time and accompanied me through the city. It was definitely an experience to walk the streets of this city after all the years during which Chernivtsi has mentally accompanied me.

Thank you again for the invitation!


Photo – Andrea Peller.