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Creating perspectives through creativity

Head of the section of foreign cultural affairs of the Ministry for Europe, Integration and Foreign Affairs of Austria

The Cultural Year Austria-Ukraine 2019 offers the possibility for an enhanced exchange between our two countries in the fields of arts and science.

Our aim is to direct attention to each other, to create curiosity for the creative potential of each other and to set new impulses for long-term future cooperation.
The motto of the Cultural Year Austria-Ukraine 2019 is “Creating perspectives through creativity”. It is to become the starting point as well as the engine for sustained cooperation between Austria and Ukraine in the fields of art, culture and science. In this context, it is of major importance to us to build a bridge from the past through the present to the future. The Cultural Year, therefore, focusses on three main areas:
1. “History in Central Europe” aims to highlight and emphasize the diversity and variety of historical links between Austria and Ukraine. In this regard, the Austrian-Ukrainian Historical Commission, established at the beginning of 2017, is making a sustainable contribution.
2. The focus on “Literature and contemporary art” arises from the great affinity of our two countries for literature. The Austrian writer Joseph Roth, born in today’s Ukraine, and the Ukrainian author Tanja Maljartschuk, who won the Bachmann Prize last year, are just two examples.
3. With the theme of  “Creativity and Innovation” a discussion on current and future challenges should be stimulated in order to develop creative solutions. In this context, the aspect of digitization plays a considerable role.
Therefore, I am very pleased that we have a joint homepage for the Cultural Year Austria-Ukraine 2019, announcing projects and events and serving as a valuable networking platform during this year.