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Music Conference Ukraine






Music Export Ukraine

"On the 23rd and 24th of February 2019 we held a great Music Conference Ukraine for young musicians and art managers, and we are very pleased that we could invite guests from Austria with the support of the Austrian Cultural Forum."

“At the evening showcase along with other participants played a Viennese band – MYNTH. Despite the flight cancellation, difficult journey and a great deal of stress, the musicians proved that they are true artists and played a wonderful concert! The founder of one of the most prestigious music festivals in Central Europe – Waves Vienna – Thomas Heher, was involved in networking and listening sessions. He also shared his vision of career development with young artists. The conference is already bearing its first fruits – Ukrainian and Austrian musicians have met and are already planning to collaborate by organizing concerts in both countries. A musician from Ukraine received an invitation to perform in Vienna in September.”

"This is how international cooperation works - first get to know each other personally and find "your" people, then you can start moving mountains together!"

Alona Dmukhovska, Co-organizer of the Music Conference Ukraine