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Sharing Time and Space, to Experience Art together

Austrian visual artist and performer

The international ZABIH Performance Festival was organized for the second time this year by a young, highly motivated, very professional and friendly team in Ukraine.

From 1st to 8th of May live performances, lectures and workshops took place in different locations in Lviv, and from 9th to 12th of May also live performances in Lavriv. The festival invited international performance artists from Austria, Ukraine, Poland, Ireland, Italy, Greece, Germany, Turkey, Hong Kong and China to present their diverse artistic works in the field of live performance.

Thanks to the cooperation with the Austrian Cultural Forum in Kyiv, it was not only possible to present my performance “present / presence (body)” to a broad audience, but also to hold an artist talk and to share my knowledge with those interested in performance within the framework of a three-day performance workshop. The festival gave me the opportunity to get into direct and intensive contact with artists and art lovers, and opened up new scope for a lively exchange, reflections, discussions and potential for further projects.

The festival’s motivation is to make Performance Art better known in Ukraine, and through the expanded public program of workshops and lectures, it creates a very fruitful basis for this. My collaboration with the ZABIH team was a great and wonderful experience. It was also my first, but probably not last chance to get to know the diverse and inspiring art in Ukraine.