back impression

Such experiences, connections and friendships make things move…

Choreographer, Austria

The ambitious goal of Artil - the first transnational project which promotes young choreographers and dancers from Poland, Austria and Ukraine - was to boost information, possibilities and sustainable results through exchange.

A clear rapprochement of all the participants both on the organizational and the artistic side was clear. We were challenging starting points, perspectives and approaches, scrutinizing “normalities” and overcoming both figurative and geographical boundaries. This resulted in a variety of choreographic projects which we were working on from the moment of brainstorming till presentation. With much passion and perseverance we have created gems from rough drafts and now they can be shown Europe-wide.

I am particularly pleased that I was able to accompany the participants at the beginning and at the end of their art process, and what particularly impressed me is the personal development of the participants. Such experiences, connections and friendships make things move.