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a successful project consists for 90% of good partners

Founder of DIM MK

During 10 years the cultural centre DIM Master Class has organized many different events - from chamber music evenings to big international festivals. And I know for sure a successful project consists for 90% of good partners.

For me, the real partner is somebody who, first and foremost, speaks a common language and is like-minded with you, the one who shares your ideas and enriches them, the one who inspires.

The Austrian Cultural Forum is such a partner of the DIM Master Class.

We are very grateful to the Austrian Cultural Forum for supporting the Bouquet Kyiv Stage!

We are delighted with the enthusiasm, openness and professionalism of the Austrian Cultural Forum, represented by its Director Ulf Hausbrandt and a wonderful united team!

You are real ambassadors and providers of cultures, you are just Real!