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The Year of Dialogue between Austria and Ukraine

Director General of the Ukrainian Institute

The bilateral cultural year Austria-Ukraine 2019 is the first major project of the Ukrainian Institute, a new public institution that develops cultural relations between Ukraine and the rest of the world.

We are happy to launch this initiative with our great partners – Ukrainian Embassy in Austria, Austrian Embassy in Ukraine, and the Austrian Cultural Forum in Kyiv.

We wanted to make our programme of events truly special. It is not about one-way monologue but is based on principles of collaboration and dialogue between artists, experts, institutions and researchers from both countries.

We have planned a lot of music events, including classical, baroque and new academic music of Ukrainian and Austrian composers, because they do not need translation. There are performances and films, which rethink Ukrainian revolutionary avant-garde. There are visual arts projects that reflect on the experience of today’s revolutionary transformations – the Revolution of Dignity. There are discussions – conferences and public talks – that analyse common past, present and future of Ukraine and Austria.

We believe that such collaborative model will create sustainable, systemic, long-lasting outcomes and that the Cultural Year will continue after 31 December 2019.