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Ukrainian Renaissance re-enacted

Professor at the Anton Bruckner Private University for Music, Drama and Dance in Linz, Austria

The Austrian-Ukrainian-Polish dance project "Bodies in Motion - Performing the Invisible" involved emerging choreographers and dancers of these three countries. In an intensive working environment, challenging and unfamiliar artistic processes were forced. The experimental cooperation enabled all participants to move outside the known routines into new artistic space.

The results were fascinating and exhilarating. The choreographic imagination and the performative spectra of the participants, which got visible in the performances, are reminiscent of the colourfulness and liveliness of Ukrainian Modernism. In the performances appear idiosyncratic topics, courage and commitment to burning socio-political questions (gender issues, subject constructions, body cultures in different societies, audience participation)

My sincere thanks and respect to all the involved and the performers for their creativity, perseverance and patience with many challenges that bring such intensive collaborations.