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We have waited for the bilateral Year of Culture for a long time

Director of the Austrian Cooperation Office Lviv, Attaché for science and education of the Austrian Embassy Kyiv

The decision to start a Cultural year in 2019 made me very happy after nearly 20 years of my cultural and educational work in Lviv.

The Austrian Cooperation Office, since 2010 OeAD Cooperation Office, since its foundation supports not only Austrian literary, art and cultural projects in Ukraine, but  lately also increases educational cooperation in such areas as ecology, journalism, social management, psychotherapy and the field of the Internet technologies.

Educational cooperation is usually quiet and takes time. Many of our partners, who today work with our help on Austrian-Ukrainian projects, are doing it without proper publicity but still very successfully. The bilateral Cultural Year and this website now give all the partners and projects a chance to be visible and thereby also publicly perceived.